I have no idea what I'm doing

This is me trying to be an adult. I don't have all the answers but I'm constantly searching. I'm in love with a girl who makes me swoon. I have a stupid chronic illness, Lupus, that sometimes kicks my ass. But I'm kicking it right back.

Having a flare up is the hardest thing


Symptoms come one by one and suddenly you wake up one morning and IT SLAPS THE SHIT OUT OF YOU

  • When my lupus flares up, so does my fibromyalgia
  • I have to be careful about being in the sun for too long
  • I want to sleep every other hour for 5 hours…but it also makes me feel extremely sick



When I’ve been in a bad flare-up for days/weeks, and friends and family ask me why I haven’t called themimage

you say i’m too young to be this sick? i thought you were too old to be that stupid. i guess we’re both wrong.

—me, being sassy at work. (via ifihavethespoons)

Every doctor, every nurse, every health care professional I encounter says this to me. I don’t get it. I am sick. I am young. Do you think I want this? What’s the point in saying that? I literally hear this anytime I interact with a medical professional. Ugh.


Chronically ill people are the most hardcore people I’ve ever known
Like we spend all day everyday in pain but we still get up and do things while your healthy ungrateful self says you can’t go outside because you have the sniffles

Ha! So true.

I did this radio show and the deejay asks me, ‘What if you woke up tomorrow and you were beautiful?’
What do you mean ‘what if’?
He said, ‘What if you woke up and you were blonde and you had blue eyes and you were 5’11 and you weighed 100 pounds and you were beautiful? What would you do?’
And I said, ‘Well, I probably wouldn’t get up ‘cause I’d be too weak to stand.’
And I felt very sorry for him, ‘cause if that’s the only kind if person that you think is beautiful, you must not see very much beauty in the world.
And I think everybody is beautiful. And if you don’t think that I am beautiful, you are missing out. Because I am so beautiful.

Margaret Cho: Beautiful (via justanothersinger)

I want this tattooed on the inside of everyone’s eyelids.

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I woulda smoove cussed his ass out on air.

That’s so fucked up

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